Pit Master is the world’s leading manufacturer of the most powerful Extra Low Voltage LED Lighting Towers available and the only manufacturer that provides a full range of LED Lighting Towers for all applications in Mining and Industrial conditions.

The Pit Master LED Lighting Towers have undergone rigorous on-ground testing, and have been proven to have comparable lighting output to existing metal halide units currently being used within the construction, mining and industrial sectors.

50-70% reduction in fuel consumption when compared to Metal Halide

500 Hour Service Intervals

Mine Spec Design to withstand extreme temperatures

Reduction in running & maintenance costs

50,000 hours of Light Life

Genuine OEM Parts

Extra Low Voltage (Electrocution Risk Eliminated)

Mine Spec Design to withstand the Harshest conditions

Direct OEM Purchase Direct OEM Hire / Service Programs Managed Operations Program

Lighting Tower Australian Certified Innovation
Patent No. AU2013100095


LED lighting is a new emerging technology that requires multidisciplinary engineering team specialising in power electronics components, thermal management, mechanical engineering, control and measurement software and hardware design, optics design and system engineering.

The Pit Master engineering team is capable of developing and volume manufacturing LED lights without a need for external engineering services.

Our engineering capabilities include:

  • Product definition in terms of lumen output and input power consumption.
  • Mechanical design.
  • Power electronics design, including AC and DC drivers.
  • Passive or active thermal management design with DSP based signal processing.
  • Proprietary PCB power design unique to our products. This technology allows us to place LED chips and drivers on the same PCB board (PB-6, PB-12, PB-80, PB-18).
  • DSP (digital signal processor) communication and measurement software.
  • In-house development, design and manufacturing of wireless control systems.
  • Automated PCB assembly line for volume manufacturing.

The Pit Master LED lights are designed for optimum performance in terms of lumen output, power consumption and reliability. Three parameters are balanced to maximisze lumen/W parameters without sacrificing system reliability. In-house electronics manufacturing gives Pit Master full control over the quality of all products.

In line with a “continuous improvement” philosophy, Pit Master is consistently improving lighting efficiency, utilising the latest driver and thermal management technologies, increasing system reliability, lumen output and lumen per watt performance.

The Australian mining industry has some of the most stringent regulatory requirements for lighting in the world. After hundreds of hours of consultation with mining companies and highly experienced personnel working within the mining industry, it was determined that current HID or LED technology being utilised did not meet future lighting requirements.

The extreme characteristics required from a lighting source in this harsh environment included maximum light output, light clarity, light durability, long life reliability and importantly, no radio interference that could affect safety in isolated dangerous working conditions. These critical base requirements lead to the development of the Pit Master LED Work Light range.

PB-6 Heavy Duty LED Work Light


Tough as it can be. The PB-6 is designed to withstand almost any extreme conditions and offers over 2,500 lumen output at 29 W with extreme lumen/W efficiency. It can be powered with 12 or 24 VDC.

The PB-6 is designed for use in harsh environments where small size and high brightness output are required. The PB-6’s reliability and efficiency make it ideal for marine, solar cell, earthmoving and mining equipment.

For use in heavy Industrial or Mining applications.


  • Specifically designed for earthmoving and mining applications.
  • 6 high brightness CREE XM-L2 LED diodes with the best efficiency performance.
  • Multi Voltage 12/24 VDC
PB-12 Heavy Duty LED Work Light


The Pit Master PB-12 is designed with the latest in high brightness LED technology. Based 12 CREE XM-L2 diodes, the PB-12 offers lumen/W efficiency not found in any other product.

The PB-12 with its heavy duty cast alloy chassis, tempered glass lens cover and heavy duty stainless steel mounting bracket, is designed for use in harsh environments where an extreme high brightness output is required.

Built in thermal management with state-of-the-art current driver, provides optimum light output and luminaire life that exceeds 50,000 hours. For use in heavy Industrial or Mining applications.


  • Specifically designed for earthmoving and mining applications.
  • 12 high brightness CREE XM-L2 LED diodes with the best efficiency performance.
  • Multi Voltage 12/24 VDC


The Pit Master PM-112 is designed with the latest in high brightness LED technology. The highly powerful LED array delivers an impressive 49,000 lumen output.

Built in thermal management with state-of-the-art current drivers, provides optimum light output and luminaire life that exceeds 50,000 hours. For use in heavy Industrial or Mining applications.


  • Designed for mining and industrial applications
  • Ingress protection IP68 rated
  • Designed with the latest in LED and power management technology. Built in thermal management electronics monitors system performance to ensure constant and maximum light outputs
SW-309 LED Work Light


The SW-309 is a standard duty LED work light used on the light duty construction model light duty LED lighting towers. Based on four arrays of 28 high quality diodes, the SW-309 offers a luminous flux of 37,[email protected] and 150 lumens/W efficiency.

Used on Pit Master 6HTM Model Towers


  • Standard duty applications.
  • Light weight 6.7kg
  • 24 VDC Applications


Over the period of any supply term or contract and the succeeding years of operation, the Pit Master LED Lighting Towers will pay for themselves multiple times within their 10 year period through cost savings and measurable efficiencies over traditional metal halide lighting towers. The Pit Master OEM cost savings and efficiency program has been formulated to maximise cost reductions in the following areas:

Pit Master LED lighting towers are built with 12/24VDC extra low voltage electrical systems ensuring that mining, industrial and construction industries can eliminate the risk of electrocution under their obligations to:

  • OHS Act 2000 and OHS Regulation 2001 NSW
  • Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999

Risk to personnel has been dramatically reduced when using a Risk Assessment Matrix and Job Safety analysis assessments.


Traditional metal halide lighting towers require larger engines and high voltage gensets to provide a power source for the unit. Generally metal halide lighting towers will consume 3.0 to 4.0 litres per hour, where the Pit Master LED lighting towers will consume 0.6 to 2.6 litres per hour depending on the model.

The Pit Master LED lighting tower average fuel burn of 1.00 litre per hour compared to a metal halide tower consuming 3.0 litres per hour, could produce a carbon footprint saving of 5.30kg per hour of CO2 emissions. This would equate to 63.6kg of CO2 emissions savings in a typical 12 hour shift operation. Pit Master LED lighting towers run in mining operations 365 days of the year would therefore save around 23 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions per lighting tower in operation.


The Metal halide lights in conventional lighting towers require a high rate of maintenance due to the durability of components such as bulbs, ballasts and light fittings. These components are susceptible to failure through transportation vibration and general mine site and Industrial working conditions.

Pit Master is the only OEM LED lighting tower manufacturer that has invested millions of dollars in R&D to develop the Pit Master LED light that has the required light output for use in mining and industrial applications. Other lighting tower manufacturers use mass produced LED lights not necessarily designed for the rigors of lighting tower use.

The Pit Master manufacturing combination of both LED lights and Lighting towers provides for the expertise to work with mining and industrial companies on light specific requirements. Pit Master has the expertise to offer LED light options for lighting towers via different combinations of spot or flood LED lights, or design LED lights with lower colour temperatures for specific applications or the softer transition from light to dark.

All Pit Master LED Lights are repairable and Pit Master OEM offers a LED Light exchange program which adds additional cost savings over the life of the Pit Master Lighting tower.


When considering refueling expenses, the general maintenance costs will be similar, but it is the more efficient Pit Master LED Lighting Tower that has less fuel usage over the fuel capacity that delivers greater savings than the conventional Metal Halide lighting tower.

Metal Halide standard refuelling intervals are generally around 2-3 days, where the Pit Master LED Lighting Towers can run up to 30 days without refuelling (10:1 Refuelling Ratio).


High voltage metal halide lighting towers are required by law to have statutory checks completed on each lighting tower by qualified high voltage electricians at specified times throughout the year.

These checks can disrupt the normal flow of a mine or industrial site and take time and money to schedule and ensure compliance. Pit Master LED lighting towers are all completely 24VDC Extra Low Voltage and do not require these regulatory checks thereby eliminating all electrocution risks.


Pit Master LED Lighting Towers deliver efficiency and cost savings through the development of a component rationalisation program designed to reduce the amount of spares required across the range of Pit Master LED Lighting Towers.

Each Pit Master LED Lighting Tower has the same engine, alternator, and componentry which limits the amount of inventory and critical spares that are required in any mining operation to keep all units in premium condition, reducing the operating cost per day and contributing to extended utilisation percentages

Lighting Tower Australian Certified Innovation
Patent No. AU2013100095

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An understanding of the requirements within difficult and harsh environments and a consultative approach to the complete implementation of the Pit Master LED Lighting Towers has meant that Pit Master OEM has been awarded supply contracts with large international companies such as:

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