Standard Inclusions

  • Engine Protection
  • MDG15 & MDG41 Compliant
  • Jump Start (CAT or Anderson)
  • Oil and Fuel Evacuation Taps
  • Hot Dipped & Galvanised Sub Frame & Mudguards
  • Electronic Controller
  • E-Stop
  • 500 Hour Service
  • Electric Light Head Tilt
  • H/Duty Wheel Chocks
  • Battery & Start Isolation with Lockouts
  • Hydraulic Telescopic Mast

Optional Extras

  • Red Fuel Warning LED Beacon
  • GPS System
  • Multi Flow Fast Fill Kit
  • Leg Covers


Civil/Construction, Hire Fleets, Oil, Gas & Mining Sectors

The Heavy Duty Tandem LED lighting tower has been designed to deliver the most powerful lighting, low maintenance and cost saving solution to a diverse range of industry sectors. With built-in auto start/stop, hydraulic boom and stabiliser legs, site setup can be achieved within a minimum timeframe while still being towable by a light commercial vehicle.

Lights: 8x H/Duty Pit Master PM112
Light Output: 392.000 Lumens (3,200W)
Tower Voltage: 24VDC
Alternator: 4 Pole Direct Drive
Engine: Kubota Z482
Fuel Capacity: 215L (56.80gal)
Fuel Hours: 268hrs
Wheel Size: 4×4 Rims Off Road Tyres 225/75/R16
Total Weight (Tare): 3,180kg (7,010lbs)
Boom: Hydraulic Lift/Extension
Boom Rotation: Electric Rotation 340deg
Legs: Hydraulic Operation
Total Mast Height: 10 metres (32.80 ft)


  • Over 50-70% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Mine Spec’d as Standard
  • Extra Low Voltage (Electrocution Risk Eliminated)
  • Immediate Light Startup
  • Reduction in running & maintenance costs
  • 50,000 hour light life
  • 500 hour service interval (selected models)

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