Careers at Southern Cross Industrial Group

Why work for the Southern Cross Industrial Group?

At SCIG, we are deeply committed to our people, our products and our performance. We hold our entire team in high regard, acknowledging that it is their unwavering passion and dedication that fuels our customer-centric culture. In appreciation, we endeavour to offer our team all the perks that come with being a part of a prominent retail conglomerate.


  • Remuneration packages that are industry-leading.
  • Our commitment to providing a healthy and safe workplace for every team member.
  • Our commitment to team member development and the creation of lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Market-leading team member discounts across our entire range of brands.
  • Flexibility to grow and move to alternative positions within our corporation.
  • Interstate relocation costs are applicable for some positions for the right candidate.


Explore Current Job Openings

For more information about a particular job, click on the post below. If you think you’re well-suited for the role, please download the application form provided, fill it out with all the required information, and submit it according to the instructions.


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