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Lighting Tower Range

Southern Cross Industrial Group Pty Ltd stocks a full range of LED Lighting Towers suited for the Mining, Industrial and Construction sectors.

LED Lighting Towers

LED lighting is a new emerging technology that requires multidisciplinary engineering team specialising in power electronics components, thermal management, mechanical engineering, control and measurement software and hardware design, optics design and system engineering.

Pit Master LED Work Lights

The Pit Master engineering team is capable of developing and volume manufacturing LED lights without a need for external engineering services.

Our engineering capabilities include:

  • Product definition in terms of lumen output and input power consumption.
  • Mechanical design.
  • Power electronics design, including AC and DC drivers.
  • Passive or active thermal management design with DSP based signal processing.
  • Proprietary PCB power design unique to our products. This technology allows us to place LED chips and drivers on the same PCB board (PB-6, PB-12, PB-80, PB-18).
  • DSP (digital signal processor) communication and measurement software.
  • In-house development, design and manufacturing of wireless control systems.
  • Automated PCB assembly line for volume manufacturing.
  • The Pit Master LED lights are designed for optimum performance in terms of lumen output, power consumption and reliability. Three parameters are balanced to maximise lumen/W parameters without sacrificing system reliability. In-house electronics manufacturing gives Pit Master full control over the quality of all products.

    See our range of LED lighting towers below.

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More About Pit Master's LED Lights

In line with a “continuous improvement” philosophy, Pit Master is consistently improving lighting efficiency, utilising the latest driver and thermal management technologies, increasing system reliability, lumen output and lumen per watt performance.

The Australian mining industry has some of the most stringent regulatory requirements for lighting in the world. After hundreds of hours of consultation with mining companies and highly experienced personnel working within the mining industry, it was determined that current HID or LED technology being utilised did not meet future lighting requirements.

The extreme characteristics required from a lighting source in this harsh environment included maximum light output, light clarity, light durability, long life reliability and importantly, no radio interference that could affect safety in isolated dangerous working conditions. These critical base requirements lead to the development of the Pit Master LED Work Light range.

Lighting Tower Australian Certified Innovation
Patent No. AU2013100095

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