Standard Inclusions

  • Engine Protection
  • MDG15 & MDG41 Compliant
  • Jump Start (CAT or Anderson)
  • Oil and Fuel Evacuation Taps
  • Electronic Controller
  • Electric Light Head Tilt
  • E-Stop
  • 500 Hour Service
  • Battery & Start Isolation with Lockouts
  • Hydraulic Telescopic Mast

Optional Extras

  • Multi Flow Fast Fill Kit
  • GPS System
  • Red Fuel Warning LED Beacon


Oil, Gas & Mining (in Pit, Stock Pile or High Wall

The Light Duty LED Skid Lighting Tower has been designed to deliver the most powerful lighting, low maintenance and cost-saving solution to the mining industry. With built-in electronic auto start/stop, hydraulic boom and light skid base, this unit can be positioned in most mine site areas. The modular engine and hydraulic replacement system has been designed to minimise maintenance time, ensuring that possible production loss is kept to a minimum.

Lights: 12x H/Duty Pit Master PM112
Light Output: 336,000 Lumens (4560W)
Tower Voltage: 24VDC
Alternator: 4 Pole Direct Drive
Engine: Kubota D1105
Fuel Capacity: 750L (191.1gal)
Fuel Hours: 394hrs
Skid Base: HD Steel with 20mm Biz Alloy Plates
Total Weight (Dry): 8,000kg (17,636lbs)
Boom: Hydraulic Lift/Extension
Boom Rotation: Hydraulic Rotation 300deg
Total Mast Height: 14.6 metres (47.10 ft)


  • Over 50-70% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Refuel every 3 weeks (based on 4 LED head)
  • Extra Low Voltage (Electrocution Risk Eliminated)
  • Immediate Light Startup
  • Reduction in running & maintenance costs
  • 50,000 hour light life
  • 500 hour service interval (additional option)

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