Keeping Your Lawn Healthy with Bushranger After Wet Weather!

What a wild week of weather we have experienced here in Central Queensland!  And with more to come the most important thing is the health of your families and supporting our communities, so stay safe and we wish everyone the best in the days ahead!

As you were sitting back at home watching the rain fall you may have looked down and noticed that your yard was getting waterlogged and flooded in certain areas.

So what can you do to help your lawn recover after the deluge?



Firstly, make sure your lawn is safe. If rain is still coming down excessively and flowing water is still present, please wait. Make sure all hazards have been identified and addressed so you do not put yourself in harms way.


If you notice the lawn is showing signs of being hydrophobic where the water is being repelled by the soil and pooling rather than absorbing quickly, then a wetting agent application will help with this.


Facilitate water absorption and the draining away of excess water as best you can, as soon as possible and when safe to do so.  The best thing is for the rain to stop and for the lawn’s moisture level to return to a manageable level. Sunshine is the biggest influence on this, but you can aerate with a garden fork or a powered aerator to help get the job done.  Divert water away from the lawn where possible and remove all debris that you can that could restrict direct sunlight to the grass.  Aeration is of particular importance for alleviating the moisture and allowing oxygen down into the waterlogged roots of the lawn.


Initially avoid fertilisers, topdressing, or other amendments until you are certain the worst of the rain has passed, the lawn is drying out and you are seeing signs of growth.  You don’t want to run the risk of wasting money on product that’s going to get washed away or could do more harm than good if likely to stress an already stressed lawn.

A stronger, more resilient lawn is much more likely to survive the damaging La Nina storms.  Keeping your lawn well-fed with fertilisers is essential to protect the roots and soil better. The heavy downpour can strip your soil of nutrients and destroy your healthy, green garden.


As soon as the yard is DRY mow the lawn at a slightly higher than normal mowing height.  Never mow a wet lawn.  Getting back into regular mowing as soon as possible will be a big part in promoting healthy lateral growth for recovery.

Once the lawn is showing significant signs of recovery, you can fertilise the lawn and target any weeds that have washed in more aggressively.

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