Meet the Team – Industrial Signage Department

Our Industrial Signage Department is made up of truely creative team members!  Not only do they manufacture Safety Stickers, Safety Signs and Laser Engraved Labels – but they also handle all of the SCIG Marketing and Communications Projects!

SCIG Industrial Signage Department

Nicole Whitley
Signwriter and Graphic Designer

Nicole has 13 years experience as a Signwriter and Graphic Designer and has been with SCIG since she moved across as part of the Uniform Solutions amalgamation. Her experience and knowledge makes her an invaluable part of the Industrial Signage team.

Fun Fact about Nicole:
Despite being a 32 year old mother-of-two – people always mistake her for a 18 year old! We don’t know what her secret is but we want it!

Laynee Betridge
Marketing and Communications Trainee

As the SCIG Marketing and Communications Trainee Laynee is learning the necessary skills to become a future marketing executive! Despite her young age she plays a very important (and busy!) role within the company. Laynee spends her days supporting the Visual Communications Supervisor with marketing initiatives while also assisting with day-to-day signwriting and design projects.

Fun Fact about Laynee:
At the 2022 SCIG Christmas Party Laynee was awarded the Happiest Person at SCIG Award! She can always be found with a big smile on her face walking around the office being a little socialite!

Karen Day
Visual Communications Supervisor

Karen has been with SCIG for just over two years and fulfils two roles within the company. While primarily taking care of the Marketing and Communications across the entire Group she also manages the Industrial Signage Department. Karen spends her days promoting the Southern Cross Industrial Group mission, products and services while identifying opportunities and developing content to be disseminated via social media, websites, newsletters, mainstream media and any other distribution channels.

Fun Fact about Karen:
Despite having her license for 20+ years she still has not mastered the art of reverse parking … Or the art of riding an e-scooter and has the scars to prove it!