Safety Signage in the Workplace

All industries present a variety of possible dangers, and it’s vital to have clear and succinct signage outlining these risks to lessen risk and safeguard your staff and customers. 

While many people may think of safety signage as being only for industrial factories or construction sites, the reality is that any workplace can gain from well-placed signage.

In fact, even corporate staffs need to be informed of possible hazards, such as slips and falls.

What is safety signage and why is it vital in the workplace?

Safety signage is an essential part of any workplace safety program. Signs are used to inform workers of possible hazards, to provide guidelines on how to safely work in an area, common risks, and what safety equipment or personal protection equipment must be used. 

Safety signage is often required by law, and it is a simple and effective way to help keep workers safe.

There is a wide variety of safety signage in workplaces, and the type that is used will depend on the specific hazard present in the workplace. For example, warning signs may be used to warn workers of slip and trip hazards, while danger signs may be used to warn of electrical hazards.

Fire safety signs are also common, and they can help workers find their way to the nearest exit in case of a fire.

What are the key types of safety signs?

There are five main types of safety signage: 

  • Prohibition signs
  • Caution signs
  • Mandatory signs
  • Emergency signs
  • General Info / Notice

All five types of safety signs are important for keeping people safe in the workplace.

How to properly use and install safety signage

  • Signs should be fixed in prominent locations where they are most likely to be seen
  • They need to be simple, clear, and easy to read or decipher
  • Diagrams are an excellent way to convey a message (with or without words)
  • Ensure you choose the right sign and colour for your needs. 
  • Call our team for advise.

By adhering these recommendations, you can ensure that your safety signage is not only effective for employees and the general public, but that you and your business are meeting all compliance regulations, too.

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