Why Your Construction Site Needs A Lighting Tower

When you hire or purchase a lighting tower, it is critical to contemplate what quantity your site needs, where they will be placed for proper lighting, and whether or not they’ll be crucial to your operation.

Why lighting towers?

Lighting towers offer a number of important benefits that make them an essential piece of equipment to have at construction sites. Most worksites in the country will have at least one lighting tower to meet safety standards.

Lighting towers provide strong lighting that enables workers to continue working after the sun has gone down. When the number of hours you can man your site is extended, your project timeline is thus reduced, keeping customer expectations realistic.

This is especially important during winter. Consider the different times that dark falls in summer compared to the cooler seasons. In most areas around Australia, stopping work when the sun sets could cut back on your work by several hours during the winter.

Another advantage is for protecting construction sites overnight when no employees are on-site. A poorly-lit construction site can quickly become a target for vandalism, theft, or a number of other criminal activities.

Well-lit construction sites will not only deter criminals but potentially provide an added element of safety for pedestrians. If sites are located near public roads or sidewalks, overnight lighting will assist people to pass the site safely, whether they’re travelling by foot or in a vehicle.


Lighting tower hire functions.

There are heaps of uses for lighting towers. Many different types of work and construction sites need them for practical and safety reasons. Here are a few examples of some of the most common applications for lighting tower:

  • Mine sites
  • Welding
  • Commercial construction
  • Residential construction
  • Plumbing
  • Storage areas
  • Parking areas
  • Industrial construction
  • Electrical work


Why Pit Master Lighting Towers?

Pit Master is the world’s leading manufacturer of the most powerful Extra Low Voltage LED Lighting Towers available and the only manufacturer that provides a full range of LED Lighting Towers for all applications within the Mining, Industrial and Construction sectors.

The in-house research and development of the Pit Master LED extra low voltage lighting technology and the use of a smaller engine size has been combined to deliver the Pit Master LED Lighting Tower, bringing many demonstrated operational advantages to the end user, including:

  • Higher levels of safety
  • Reduced fuel burn
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased utilisation levels

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